Wings Over Mystara is a military campaign featuring Mystara’s magnificent griffons and their brave riders.

Characters must submit to military hierarchy and discipline. Each character must have a personal and compelling reason to join the Army of the Republic of Darokin, specifically a new griffon flight in the nascent Air Cavalry.

That said, this campaign is all about griffons and griffon riders. Characters are there to make sure their griffon lives a long, happy, and productive life. The first oath a griffon rider makes, “my life in your service”, is an oath made to their griffon.

The Immortal Terra, Hierarch of the Material Plane, created griffons. Legend has it that Her fingerprints are on every griffon’s bones. If a griffon rider doesn’t put their griffon first, they will be subject to Her wrath.

As a secondary priority, griffons and their riders form flights and act in the best interests of the Republic of Darokin. The second oath a griffon rider makes, “our lives in the service of Darokin”, is an oath made on behalf of themselves and their griffon.

Griffon riders come from all walks of life and many backgrounds. The one goal they all share is to see griffons held in high regard. Serving as a member of an elite military flight gives a griffin rider the resources and support to care for their griffon and isolate them from hunters, animal circuses, and parts trade poachers.

Each griffon is a unique bundle of personality, history, and aerial ferocity worthy of song and saga. Some are opposites of their riders, and some are so like their riders, they seem of the same mind. Each griffon is a gift from Terra.

But Mystara is a world ruled by Immortals who were once mortal beings; all things are possible. Some legendary griffon riders may find an Immortal sponsor and never part from their griffons. These pairs might pass through death and fly the skies of other fantastic planes, always together.

Wings Over Mystara uses the Mystara setting, a property of Wizards of the Coast used in their Dungeons & Dragons game. Mystara is one of the oldest of many official settings for D&D.

First appearing as a large unnamed wilderness area in 1983’s Expert box set and accompanying adventure, the Isle of Dread, Mystara became the setting for the Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortal (BECMI) system and adventures.

Wings Over Mystara originated under D&D 3.5 Edition rules. We use Wizards of the Coast’s official Conversion GuideGlen Welch’s Mystara Player’s GuideThird to Fifth, our own 5E Skills vs 3.5E Skills, and various online guides to convert our campaign to D&D 5th Edition rules.

Join us for griffon-riding fun and adventure.