The Flying Barge of Sayr Ulan

The efreet, of course, return for yet another fight. With improved four against two odds, the griffin riders dispatch another of the original trio after a hard, drawn-out fight. The surviving efreeti decides discretion is the better part of valour and flies off, leaving the riders and their griffons to lick their wounds before flying back to Sayr Ulan.

On arrival in the city, the flight is greeted with rapturous cheering from the citizens and an enthusiastic escort to the residence of the Darokinian Ambassador. Ambassador Gherardo Vickers, a son of wealthy Umbarth House in Akesoli, westernmost Darokin, is relieved to see his weary visitors and welcomes them to his home. At Ambassador Vickers’ insistence, Alessandro makes careful note of the Mission’s secure teleportation circle sigils so the flight may return in the future.

Over the next few hours, Ambassador Vickers studies the contents of the diplomatic bags carried by the three youngest griffon riders, then arranges an audience with Rajadhiraja Chandra ul Nervi, ruler of the Kingdom of Sind. As the Rajadhiraja is about to embark on his flying barge, Ambassador Vickers, the riders, and their griffons make haste to the mooring point.

Once onboard, the three sibling sea griffons curl up together in a big bundle of fur and feathers and fall asleep in the sun. Skritch, the older mountain griffon, keeps a watch over his younger companions while they sleep.

Ambassador Vickers and the griffon riders find their way around the barge and mingle with other invited guests. After a long conversation with Jadugerya Jarita Maruti, the barge’s designer and enchanter, the griffon riders learn it is enchanted with the flame of a greater phoenix.

The Jadugerya makes it clear that she is available for commissions, should they know of any patrons in need of a 1,000,000 GP flying barge. She knows the secret location of a greater phoenix, now protected by an elite unit of Sindhi warriors. Just say the word and she’ll make time in her busy calendar.

Ambassador Vickers and his charges are summoned to their audience with Rajadhiraja Chandra ul Nervi, revealed to be a handsome Sindhi in his mid-thirties richly dressed in a style befitting the King of Kings of Sind. An honest man and a just ruler beloved by his wives, children and people, Rajadhiraja Chandra makes a strong first impression on his visitors.

After exchanging compliments on the royal flying barge and the trio of magnificent sea griffons asleep on the deck, Ambassador Vickers outlines the threat to Sind posed by the Horse Clan migrating from the Atruaghin Plateau. Rajadhiraja Chandra asks his senior Himaya warriors to come up with a plan to protect eastern Sindrastan and Sharjarkand from Horse Clan raiders, and to implement it as soon as possible. After assent from his warriors, Rajadhiraja Chandra turns his attention back to Ambassador Vickers and the griffon riders.

“I have a small matter that requires a more skilled interrogator than I have to hand. Two spies from Hule were captured in Sayr Ulan and are proving difficult to break. Would the Darokin Diplomatic Corps be able to assist?”

Ambassador Vickers knows better than to say no to Rajadhiraja Chandra’s request. What he doesn’t know yet is that Galt Starsinger, rider of the sea griffon Art, is a Warlock of Terra with the spells and skills to break spies, even ones from Hule. Galt nods to Ambassador Vickers, who in turn offers Galt’s assistance to Rajadhiraja Chandra.

“Excellent Ambassador! They are in the dungeons beneath my palace. Your young griffon rider should get started on them as soon as we return to the capital.”