All about our griffon stable …

North Eastern Entrance – Ground Level – Griffon Stable – Fort Hobart


The capability and suitability of griffons as combat mounts and animal companions have been recognised across the Republic of Darokin and the Known World. Many locales have augmented their ground and aerial fighting strength with griffons, the most well-known being the legendary griffons of the Retebius Air Fleet from the Empire of Thyatis.

The Army of Darokin has established elite ranger flights to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Caravan and in-shore maritime protection
  • Coastal and border security
  • Search and rescue
  • Heavy air cavalry
  • Diplomatic protection

The core administration and training function for the Army’s griffon flights is located at Fort Hobart in Eastern Darokin. The fort’s griffon flights are a critical capability in countering hostile border incursions into Darokinian territory, specifically Selenica Province south of Fort Hobart. The fort boasts four new griffon flight stables, representing a significant investment by the Army in air cavalry support.

Stable Layout

Fort Hobart’s central road runs southwest to northeast. Each griffon stable is perpendicular to this road with the griffon pens at the end closest to the road. All the griffon stables were built to the same plan over three levels – cellars, ground, and loft.

Ground Level

The “front” entrance to the ground level is the northeastern entrance. A wide hallway includes stairs down to the cellars. In the middle of this hallway are doors to the left (the riders’ living quarters) and the right (the griffons’ pens).

The living quarters include a dining room, kitchen, laundry, training room, storeroom, bathroom, and latrines. Each griffon pen has a ladder up to the rider’s sleeping loft. The shared area in front of the griffon pens has two trapdoors, each to a ladder down to the largest of the cellar rooms.

The fencing around the griffon pens marks each griffon’s “territory” within their stable. It does not restrict a griffon to their pen. Griffons remain in their pens only by virtue of a social contract with their rider. Visitors are warned not to approach any griffon without the griffon’s rider present, and only then with the griffon’s express permission.


The ladder in each griffon pen provides access to a rider’s sleeping space. However, many riders elect to sleep in the pen with their griffon. Some riders prefer not having their prankster griffon drag them, bedding and all, down into the pen in the middle of the night.


Cellar Level – Griffon Stable – Fort Hobart

The cellars are accessible via stairs in the central hallway and two trapdoors in the griffon pens. There is a shrine to Terra, our beloved creator of griffons, a meat storage and preparation area for griffon snacks, and three storage rooms. There are three doors into the underground water flow that flushes sewerage from the latrines and griffon pens out to the treatment ponds.