Welcome Primo Veloce Flight

North Western Entrance – Ground Level – Griffon Stable – Fort Hobart

Report from Vice Consul Christof Hallonica, Fort Hobart, to Millington Vonaday, Diplomat Second Class, Darokin Diplomatic Corps HQ, Darokin City.

Primo Veloce Flight returned safely to Fort Hobart last week from their basic training exercises in the Dragon Mountains. Our wet-behind-the-ears air cavalry recruits, none of whom had even seen a griffon before signing up, and their equally inexperienced Flight Captain landed in our north-eastern parade ground with:

  • six magnificent new fully trained young griffons, one with a taste for fresh wyvern eyeballs
  • custom wyvern hide exotic saddles for all seven griffons, from the abovementioned wyvern, may it rest in peace
  • a manticore’s head, to mount on their dining room wall and scare guests witless, no doubt
  • numerous short bows looted from a band of ambitious harpies, may the survivors contemplate their lack of good judgement
  • the location of a Thomreath border marker, a clue to the whereabouts of a lost underground citadel our dwarven neighbours are so excited about
  • seven rings of feather fall courtesy of Aurelianus, Head Druid of Melinir Grove, and yes, I have warned the flight about our suspicions regarding him.

Full credit to Flight Captain Malthus for getting his raw recruits through their first mounted aerial combats and back to Fort Hobart in one piece. Senior Flight Captain Bartolomeo Mauntea’s controversial decision to commission an untried half-orc as Captain of the new flight seems to be paying off. The flight have earned their $10,000 daros each commissioning bonus and a few days off to celebrate their accomplishments. They will certainly need it before their next mission.

“Qui audet vincit” as Fort Hobart’s Commanding Officer, Legionate Lar Virius Marsyas, is fond of saying.