The Secret Circle

In 998 AC in Port Tenobar, western Darokin, three 15-year-old boys come into possession of three unusual griffon eggs. Each boy takes on the care and raising of one of the hatched sea griffons, and they name their little group “The Secret Circle”.

A series of adventures with their rapidly growing but too young to ride griffons follows that takes the boys from their home in Port Tenobar, upriver to Lake Amsorak, and on to the World Elevator and the top of the Atruaghin Plateau. Here the boys and their well-trained juvenile griffons inspire Elk Clan warriors to look at their native Plateau griffons in a whole new light.

On the return journey, the boys have a three-year stopover at Fort Anselbury under the inspired training of a well-travelled ex Retebius Air Fleet griffon master and his griffon. Now 18 years old and riding their fully grown 3-year-old sea griffons, the boys start taking on paid jobs that require their unique skills and equally unique companions.

In 1001 AC a visit from an old friend, his wife, and their Atruaghin griffon flight brings what could be very bad news for Sind. The Horse Clan, the most dangerous of the clans on the Atruaghin Plateau, have gathered their horses and buffalo and are leaving the Plateau to conquer the lowlands over the border in Sind.

The boys fly to Sayr Ulan to warn Radirajah Chandra ul Nervia, ruler of the Kingdom of Sind, of the danger. Their flying hours are paid for by the Darokin Diplomatic Corps, and each of the boys carries a courier bag with a message for the Darokinian Ambassador in Sayr Ulan.

On the way, they have an unwanted encounter with three efreet intent on stealing their griffons. Galt nearly loses his life in an over-ambitious plan to defeat the efreet in combat, and the boys flee the superior fighters. On arrival in Sayr Ulan, they find another, older griffon rider with the same problem, namely a thieving efreeti intent on killing him and stealing his griffon.

All four griffon riders are discussing their options together when the efreet turn up yet again to finish the fight.