A Darokinian Welcome

Featured Image: Griffon Flight, Kingdom of Wendar – inspiration from “Dawn Patrol” by sandara on DeviantArt

Talon Flight returned to Fort Hobart eight and a half weeks after being sent to the eastern Altan Tepes Borderlands in search of more griffons.

‘Brought you more griffons as ordered, Sir.’

Flight Captain Jacob Mauntea

Plus a new flight and seven trained riders.

The survivors of the crashed Glantrian airship proved to be very useful. Luckily, Darokin has an enlightened policy on refugees, especially those falsely accused of treason by despotic Princes in their homeland and sentenced to death in absentia.

Plus fifteen chicks and fledglings, two fledglings already matched to potential riders.

Separating chicks from their parents was easier than expected, as only those who were hatched 3rd or 4th in a nest were taken. Their probability of survival was low, as their older, bigger siblings would have killed them to reduce competition for food. As it was, some of the chicks were out of their nests, severely injured, starving, and near death when removed. Talon Flight is now experienced and well-coordinated when raiding griffon nests. Distract the parents, then grab the egg/chick/fledgling and run away.

Plus three new mated griffon pairs.

A mated pair of captive griffons and their three chicks survived the crash. Karla and Valamir were on the lookout for suitable mates and fortune (or an Immortal) favoured them with Scar and Badal respectively. Karla and Scar have three chicks, and Valamir and Badal have two. Naming rights are being decided.

Plus a daughter-in-law.

Technically, Senior Flight Captain Bartolomea Mauntea had a daughter-in-law before Talon Flight left for the mountains, and he’d spoken to her many times. Bartolomeo just didn’t know who she really was. Understandable, given every time he saw her, she was his son’s griffon, Wings. Bartolomeo was delighted to meet Sophia in her human form. Now, he wants his first grandchild.

Never let it be said that Talon Flight doesn’t deliver!

Let’s see if Cavaliere Flight can raise the bar after Talon Flight set it so high.