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Featured Image: Shopping in the Bazaar – inspiration from “At the Morning Bazaar” by isdira on DeviantArt

Welcome to “Wings Over Mystara”, a blog about our Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Role Playing (FRP) campaign starring the Republic of Darokin’s magnificent griffons and their brave riders.

We’re a few play sessions in now, so this is a quick recap for new followers.

The year is 1002 AC or 1002 years after the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis. The place is Fort Hobart in eastern Darokin, the largest of Darokin’s forts and with good reason – orcs! The players are griffon riders in Talon Flight, which serves as an aerial reconnaissance, diplomatic courier, and caravan protection unit.

Their most recent orders have sent them further east to the Altan Tepes Borderlands to bring back wild griffons of trainable age. It’s mid-spring, breeding season, so there should be plenty of options for expanding the number of Fort Hobart’s griffon flights.

All well and good, but griffons aren’t known for following orders when it comes to choosing a mate, or a rider. Add a crashed Glantrian airship and a party of knights on a do or die mission to recover their order’s holy relic, and the fun really starts.